UPDATE – CRICOS: Review of the National Code

This news item is an update on information previously provided on 31/03/2017.

The review of the National Code of Practice for providers of training to overseas students happened in 2017. In the draft code that was circulated at the time of the consultation there was a push to include all training and the expression ‘full-time’ had been removed. FAIA’s submission drew attention to this and other submissions also added an implied 20 hours per week for full time study. In the final code it is clear that the ESOS Act and the code applies to full time study with a minimum of 20 scheduled course contact hours per week. (clause 11.2.1)

Therefore, International students should be able to complete First Aid training if total duration is under 20 hours by non CRICOS providers. Note that there may be still some people at the governing level who have not understood this.

The revised National Code of Practice, together with the associated explanatory statement, can be downloaded below:

Revised National Code of Practice

Explanatory Statement