Update: ARC Guideline 9.1.1

The ANZCOR Guideline 9.1.1 – First Aid for Management of Bleeding has recently been released though dated July 2017.

Download a copy HERE.

There are some key changes to the guideline which are important to note:

  1. In life-threatening bleeding, control of bleeding takes priority over airway and breathing interventions. – NEW
  2. For the majority of non-life-threatening cases, first aiders should follow the order of DRSABCD, where control of bleeding follows establishing airway and commencing CPR if required.
  3. Use an arterial tourniquet for life-threatening limb bleeding that is not controlled by direct wound pressure. – STRONGER emphasis than previous and more detailed
    • if trained in its use and one is available.
  4. Haemostatic dressings – More detailed information
  5. Flow Chart for First Aid Control of External Bleeding – NEW

NOTE: The DRSABCD chart will still apply and is not updated or revised.