The future of Pre-hospital Care in Australia

As a member of FAIA you can stay informed of change AND contribute to the organisation that will help others stay informed. Active membership will provide strength that will help influence policy decision makers and provide insight to what’s happening on a State and Federal level in your industry.

Remain informed

Annual Conferences, AGMs and state-based forums consolidate to gather information, best practice and on going improvements that can only help you with your business. Active participation in FAIA events will ensure your voice is heard within FAIA and in the first aid industry.

Develop your training or supply organisation through networking and the exchange of new ideas and services. Keynote speakers are invited to these events to present case studies, product launches/information.


The newsletter is one way to get information, developments, product information and other relevant data to members. In fact you may choose to sponsor an advert in a newsletter to target like minded organisations with your product or service.

Links to Other Associations

Strength will also come from affiliation with other relevant organisations. This is under constant review. Affiliations can help you to become aware of strategies and developments in similar organisations that can contribute to your own company.

Business Partners

Business partners in Insurance, Accounting and Legal practices are yet another way to employ businesses in tune with our industry. Discounts and/or rebates provided by partners helps FAIA remain financially viable. More importantly these partners have a good grasp of our industry and you don’t have to pay for “educating” these service providers in your business.

Your voice

The most important aspect of being a member is having the collective voice of our industry heard by Government and other bodies that make decisions that impact our business. The bigger the voice the louder noise we can make to effect change. Think of the bodies that impact your business:

  • WorkSafe
  • ASQA
  • Australian Industry and Skills Committee
  • ATO


One of the activities of FAIA is to pursue relevant research into first aid practice. With many treatments drawn from practices more than a century old, it’s clear we need fresh research to ensure we are in fact delivering best practice.


As a member, you’ll also be expected to adhere to the FAIA code of conduct. As such you will be able to use the FAIA logo, with permission granted after approving the way in which it will be used, alongside your advertising or promotions. The logo will stand for standards in our industry and provide a measure of certainty to your clients.

Access Security & Strength

Membership to FAIA offers you representation; security and opportunities not discussed or available in other forums to further develop your knowledge and skills as a Trainer and First Aid and Emergency Care and Ambulance Provider.

Ensure Your Industry Remains Strong
The only way you and your industry can be strong is to support the only organisation which will support you and assist you to grow in your industry.